BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Mayor's Round Table is a monthly show hosted by Dr. Donald DeFabio, who sits with Mayor Robert Woodruff to talk about current issues that affect the township.

Included in this episode, Mayor Bob Woodruff spoke of the success of Restaurant Week, as well as the following topics: 

  • Affordable Housing 
    • Connell Property
    • Kings Property is coming before the Planning Board in mid October for a site plan approval.
    • Locust Avenue Property is scheduled for an early 2018 start
    • Movie Theater property is awaiting final work with the Redevelopment Agreement. The area has been declared appropriate for redevelopment.
    • Initial reading of the ordinance for the Hamilton Property Redevelopment Agreement and the issuance of the $2.9 bond. That is the money the town has agreed to pay the church for the brick and mortar adjustment. The church will obtain the current library and the town will obtain the upper church property.
    • Vito Mondelli property will have some housing.
    • Berkeley Florist across from Halls Nursery. 
  • Redevelopment of the Municipal Complex
    • Salt Dome went out to bid with hopes it will be completed by the end of the year and the old one will come down.
    • Project is ahead of plan.
  • Explanation of Pilot programs (Payment in lieu of taxes) 
  • Implication of taxes levied to households with the respect to the Redevelopment of the Municipal Complex
  • Master Plan
  • Community Corner - YMCA Health Fair on Saturday, October 14, 1 to 4 p.m.
  • Be Heard Surveys
  • Communications Committee 
  • Visit Township website: