To the Editor: I am writing this letter to address the issue of the Mayor’s Roundtable in Berkeley Heights. After watching a few of these, I have realized that these videos have no real value to the Berkeley Heights residents. They appear more as propaganda videos than as informational.    

The interviewer does not seem to ask the difficult questions, nor many that would provide useful/ insightful knowledge for the town. The questions seem staged and always appear to favor the acts of the Berkeley Heights Town Council and Berkeley Heights Mayor. There is no opportunity for give and take from the residents, but merely a one directional broadcast. In addition, a very small percent of the town watches this. 

I have recently learned the Mayor's roundtable costs $9,000 year. The same objective could be met by open meetings or articles in TAP. While in and of itself, this may not be a large expenditure in the scheme of things, I am convinced it is not the only instance of unnecessary expenditures (example - $10,000 welcome signs). It is spending practices such as this that disqualify any deflection of blame for the out of control taxes in our town.    

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The Council is not carefully reviewing expenditures to separate essential from nonessential items. With taxes soaring well over 40% over the past 10 years and no deceleration in site, we need to look toward frugality.   

The Mayor's Roundtable should be stopped immediately.      


Edmund Tom Maciejewski

Editor's Note: Edmund Tom Maciejewski is a Libertarian Candidate running for Berkeley Heights Township Council in the November 2016 election.