BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Come out this weekend to Fantastic Friday and Super Saturday, January 10th and 11th and see the newest addition to GL Sports – a school mascot. The GL Mascot, the Highlander, will be at our event, cheering on our teams and attending our games all weekend long. 

Booster Club Grant chairperson, Doree DiSarno, said, “ There is no better time and place then Fantastic Friday/Super Saturday for our mascot to be introduced!  It’s our biggest fundraiser and we always have a great turnout."

The mascot idea came to life with the help of students, booster club executive board members, parents, teachers, coaches and the administration.  The mascot was funded, designed and ordered through the highlander booster club.  Before the winter break the Highlander Booster Club held a pole naming our mascot.  Students voted and the winning name will be revealed this weekend at Fantastic Friday and Super Saturday.

The Highlander mascot’s job will be to attend games to pump up the crowd and the players…So keep an eye out for him at upcoming sporting events!  Maybe you will see him leading a cheer with the cheerleaders or taking half court shots at a game!  But wherever our mascot turns up, school spirit is not far behind!

So come out on January 10th and 11th to Fantastic Friday/Super Saturday and see some games, have some fun with friends and meet the newest addition to GL…Our Highlander Mascot!