MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ – On Thursday, y evening, March 23, at 7 p.m., Valeri Shafer will meet with visitors at the Hetfield House. 

Valeri is a descendent of the Hetfield family, as well as many other families in the Mountainside area – and the colonial “West Fields” of Elizabethtown. If the names Hetfield, Crane, Clark, Woodruff, Cory and Winans, among others, are familiar to you, they are also Valeri’s ancestral names. In addition, Valeri Shafer is a genealogist. She has researched her ancestors, our early citizens, and has extensive knowledge of the who's who from our area. Come by the Hetfield House at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23, and join Valeri as she discusses the people who came before us.

    Valeri J. Shafer is a professional genealogist, who left the teaching profession and began her own genealogical quest over a decade ago.  Through her company, Kindred Genealogy, she has shared her knowledge of local history and genealogy with others.  Her focus is on Early American English and Dutch Settlers, particularly those whose families can trace their heritage to Royal lines in Europe.  In addition, she has done extensive research on the immigration and settlement of the Pennsylvania Deutsch and early Manhattan settlement, including early 1800s Italian immigration. Her passion extends to all areas of genealogical exploration and discovery, and she has recently begun to offer presentations to large groups regarding genealogy of the settlers and founders of the colonial Province of East Jersey. She has held memberships or been affiliated with The National Genealogical Society, Pennsylvania Historical Society, New England Genealogical and Historical Society, New Jersey Historical Society, Mountainside Restoration Committee, The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and is Recording Secretary for the local Crane’s Ford Chapter of the DAR.  She donates her time transcribing records for the National DAR, Italian Genealogical Group, Family Search, and

The Deacon Andrew Hetfield House and Levi Cory House are located at Constitution Plaza adjacent to the Mountainside Library. Constitution Plaza is the first right off Birch Hill Road which is off New Providence Road near the Mountainside Volunteer Fire House. The Mountainside Restoration Committee is a committee of volunteers governed by the Borough of Mountainside whose purpose is to restore and maintain the Deacon Andrew Hetfield House and the Levi Cory House and collect and save historic information and items from destruction. For information on the Mountainside Historic Committee events or to donate funds, please call 908-789-9420; or, go to: