MILLBURN, NJ - This Tuesday night at 8 p.m. at Millburn Town Hall, the Millburn Township Committee is considering adopting a Complete Streets Policy to be used in the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of all new or renovated roads and intersections within Millburn. Complete Streets is a national program that communities are adopting so planners and engineers will build road networks that are safer, more livable, and welcoming to everyone.

The Millburn Environmental Commission designed Millburn’s Complete Streets policy to provide safe access for all users by designing and operating a comprehensive, integrated, connected network of transportation options. Our Complete Streets policy improves safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, children, older citizens, non-drivers and the mobility-challenged, and those that choose to live car free or cannot afford a car. In Millburn, Complete Streets makes fiscal sense by incorporating sidewalks, bike awareness, safe crossings and transit amenities into the initial design of a project, thus sparing the expense of retrofits later.

Examples of Complete Streets design elements include traffic calming upgrades, light timings, parking space design for improved traffic flow, sidewalk widening for pedestrian access and enjoyment, improved safety in street crosswalks, bicycle amenities, and newly-planted trees for stormwater management and streetscape beautification.

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The state of New Jersey, Essex County and neighboring communities Livingston, Maplewood, South Orange, West Orange, Chatham, Madison and New Providence have passed Complete Streets policies. Montclair Township, which is active in instituting Complete Streets, recently launched the Montclair SAFE initiative (SAFE = Streets Are For Everyone!), to support walking and bicycling through improved infrastructure, and to raise awareness of the many efforts underway to make streets safer for all road users.

Montclair’s engineer is quoted, “In addition to a needed focus on safety of pedestrians and cyclists as the most vulnerable road users, we also support walking and cycling to enhance health, reduce traffic congestion, promote economic development and improve the overall quality of life throughout our community.”

With the Glen Avenue Bridge out for construction, New Jersey American Water projects, and springtime end-of-school activities bringing increased visitors to Millburn, the traffic could be more dangerous. It is time that Millburn instituted a comprehensive traffic plan and adopted a Complete Streets Policy to ensure that our streets are safely designed for all users. For more information about Complete Streets, visit or Please come on Tuesday night to show your support.