BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Students at Mountain Park School spent the day with James McManus, a cadet from the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina; a coeducational military college. He is conducting research to make comparisons between the public schools in Great Britain and those in the U.S. Mr. McManus spent some time in our Social Studies classes, where he contributed his knowledge of military history during WWII to help students review for an upcoming quiz on that topic.

Throughout the day, 5th graders also learned about life at the Citadel and its core values of honor, duty, and respect.  Mr. McManus shared a PowerPoint presentation and children were encouraged to ask questions about his life as a student at this military college. This college path will enable him to graduate as an officer in the military while pursuing his passion as a teacher of S.S. for 5th thru 8th grade students.

Mr. McManus continues his track in the honors program and has recently been selected to a leadership position at the Citadel.