BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - In what has become an annual event, members of the Youth Police Academy received a visit from the New Jersey State Police Helicopter.

The helicopter landed in the Columbia Middle School field while the cadets watched from the side of the field, They had walked down to the field from the firehouse with their instructors. After it landed, they were able to get near the helicopter and talk to members of its crew. They learned how it flies and the many jobs it is used for by the State Police. 

The students posed for their annual class picture, then ran back up the hill, where the sat down and watched the helicopter as it left the field. Moments after it left, it came back in an exciting flyover, almost directly over the enthusiastic children. They waved good bye as it passed over, then left the field and walked back to the firehouse, with their instructors, ready to have what one of the instructors called "chow."

Graduation will be held at noon on Friday, at the firehouse.