The New Providence Education Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new website, .

Hugo Barth, NPEF’s President, sees the new website as a major step towards fulfilling the Foundation’s longer-term vision of “…expanding on the breadth of what we do.” “The new website is exciting, easy to navigate and informative. It provides transparency into our grant process; allowing the community to see exactly where their generous donations are going and gives the NPEF a way to show our appreciation for doing so.  It will help take NPEF to the next level of developing more significant corporate donations. To enable that, we needed a website that is professional and one we could take pride in.  We needed a website that effectively represents who we are, explains our mission and lists our accomplishments.  Lastly, it will help us connect with old friends such as the alumni of NP High School who may wish to contribute financially.  This is why we are extremely excited about the new website!”

Construction of the new website began last spring under the supervision of board member Cecile Seth and web designer Julian Gaviria.  Along with input from the entire board, NPHS Graphic Design students and countless hours of diligent work, the website is ready for visitors.

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Information now available on the new website includes:

·      Comprehensive listing of all grants and scholarships given out to                                                               New Providence Schools since 2004

·      NPEF upcoming event information

·      Volunteer opportunities and donation information

·      Teacher Tributes information and forms


The timing of this launch coincides with the popular Teacher Tributes- where at this time of year donations are made in the teachers’ names.  New Providence School District families are invited to celebrate the new website by celebrating their teachers through Teacher Tributes.  

Families can thank and honor not only their teachers but also their principal, guidance counselor, coaches, cafeteria workers, media specialist, teacher assistants, or custodians with a meaningful gift of a personalized message.  These messages of gratitude will be posted on the NPEF website’s Wall of Fame (unless requested otherwise).  Teacher Tribute information and forms can be found on the new NPEF website.



Teacher Tribute and other donations go directly towards funding grants to enhance educational programs within the New Providence school system.  The value these grants provide are represented in the following testimonial excerpts from some of the 2011 grant recipients:

“NPEF Thank you.  There is no easier way to fulfill classroom dreams than through a grant from the NPEF. That grant gives teachers the opportunity to soar above the norm in creating unique learning experiences for students. Opening the door for distinctive lessons to enhance student growth has helped make New Providence #1 in the state. NPEF has helped make that dream a reality.  The best part of an NPEF grant is the green light given to teachers to think outside the box. When math teachers found it cumbersome to work with complex equations and mathematical notation and symbols, the NPEF came to the rescue with monies for Smart Board Math Tools. Now teachers can engage symbols and notation effortlessly in the instruction for their lessons….”  (Karen Gartner Mathematics Department Head)


“The grants over the years have allowed teachers to plan more diverse, technologically rich learning experiences for science students. In addition, the grants have certainly helped the department to incorporate technology with classroom instruction, connect students with hands-on/minds-on science experiences, and develop 21st Century skills.  In Science the grants have allowed the department to stay on the frontier of technology use in the classroom and help keep the students actively involved in the inquiry-based, 'process' of science. Receiving an NPEF grant is a wonderful and exciting opportunity to provide students with new and unique learning experiences that they might not have ordinarily been exposed to. Opportunities that hopefully develop their scientific literacy and a life long love of the subject.” (Jonathan Keaney, Science Department Head)


“These grants have been a godsend. Over the past three years we have enriched the arts education of students in elementary through high school using SmartMusic practice software, SmartBoard technology, and sound and lighting improvements in the auditorium.  This grant empowered our staff with a current technology previously lacking in the performing arts department. It will enable students to actively engage in the drier aspects of musical theory and literacy through use of touch technology as well as provide an excellent presentation tool for faculty. Keep up the great work! The students and educators of New Providence thank you!” (Kenneth Hess, Music Department Head)

“The NPEF grant program provides an effective and efficient way to bring innovation into classrooms.  The simple application process and quick turn-around time allows teachers to submit requests in October and implement awarded materials that same school year.  Using traditional funding methods this process could take more than a year.   Last year, thanks to the NPEF grant program, we brought a hovercam document camera into AP History classrooms and iPads into the middle school.  In the past the NPEF has funded the acquisition of Smartboards and laptop computers.  The NPEF grants have allowed our district to keep pace with technological and pedagogical advances even through the budget crises of the past few years.   I don't know if the upcoming iPad initiative would have been conceivable without the foundation of technology provided by the NPEF.  As far as community sponsored educational support programs go, I can think of few that have such a profound and immediate impact on the students they serve.”  (Byron Tracey, World Language and Social Studies Department Head)


“Receiving a grant from the New Providence Education Foundation has meant so much to my students and me. Through my grant, “Opening Communication Doors with Technology”, I received an Apple iPad and apps to target communication skills.  The use of the iPad and apps has not only made my speech-language therapy sessions more practical and efficient, it has also been a lot of fun for my students.  The apps are multisensory, as they engage the senses of sight, sound, and touch.  The graphics and animation of the apps are appealing to my students, have helped motivate them, and have acted as reinforcement.  I was able to purchase apps that target many areas of speech-language therapy, including: vocabulary, basic concepts, categories, articulation, fluency (stuttering), and pragmatic (social) language, which are critical to helping students achieve their goal of better communication skills.”  (Sarah Lauretta, Allen W. Roberts Elementary School, Speech Language Pathologist)



“Over the years, the NPEF has funded many literacy grants.  This has enabled us to put new and engaging titles in the hands of our students.  When visiting classrooms, I have observed students gravitating to these titles.  These grants have also provided teachers with a deeper arsenal for instruction.  As a result, the NPEF has been a true partner in our goal of growing readers.” (Kristie Arnold, Language Arts K-6 Department Head)


“…The Gifted and Talented program works closely with both librarians and libraries. We have found that the iPads we have received from the NPEF grant have allowed for students to research, access data banks/card catalog, create documents and presentations. This was truly the vision we had in mind - students free to work anywhere in the library on varied educational experiences.  In addition to technology integration, the variety of applications that students and teachers can access has dramatically enhanced differentiated learning. Students are engaged at their own pace and/or level. Students and teachers have also experienced next level of education through the iPads - teachers as guides not sages, curriculum content is vast, students research, collaborate, experiment, and take ownership of their learning.  To me, the NPEF grants make a strong statement about our New Providence community. People are willing to invest in innovative ideas to keep our district growing and vital.  Through the grants teachers' ideas are encouraged, respected and valued.  Through this process the teachers are also acknowledged as stakeholders in our schools.”  (Pat Miller-Salt Brook Librarian, Brandee Conover-Allen W. Roberts Librarian and Cathy Cleenput-Gifted and Talented Program for SB and AWR)


“Thanks to the Grant money donated by the NPEF to the Full Day Special Education Preschool Program, I have witnessed an explosion in my students' social skills as their abilities to purposefully engage and interact appropriately with peers and staff has improved tremendously.  The development of these critical skills is preparing them to participate in a less restrictive environment and integrate effectively into our mainstream pre-school classrooms.  THANK YOU NPEF!!!"

(Patti Ramos, Allen W. Roberts Pre-K)

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