NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - One of the highlights of the school year is the annual “Teen Arts Festival,” which began Friday night at New Providence High School.

The festival showcases visual art, video arts, writing and the preforming arts talent from high school and middle school students; from New Providence, Berkeley Heights-Mountainside, and Summit.

“From my own experience, to see this kind of level at this age, it’s incredible,” commented critiquer Peter Pagano, who has an art background and works as an illustrator and graphic designer.

The talents range from dance, vocal and instruments performances to photography, oil paintings, sketches, poems and short stories. Many of the art pieces, writings and performances are critiqued by 41 individuals this year, with varying backgrounds.

The festival is in its 41st year and is being presented by the New Providence High School and Middle School PTAs.

“It’s great to see that art is still provided in the schools, and it’s great that they emphasize it in this kind of festival,” added Brenda Asher, who is also a graphic designer and critiquer. Asher added that it’s fun to see the kids interested in art and feels that it is encouraging to them to have professionals’ critique.

The festival will continue on Saturday, April 20, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.