The transition from winter to spring is overall a happy time for students at Governor Livingston, as the weather becomes warmer and the mornings become less brutal. But with an upcoming change in season, one’s clothes have to accommodate the weather. Obviously, when it gets hotter outside, students have to stay comfortable while cooped up in stuffy conditions at school. Many fashion trends come into play during this time of year. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

  • First, patterns have become especially popular. Either adding stripes or a floral print to an outfit can make it pop.

  • There have also been a few materials that have been gaining popularity. These fabrics are airy and comfortable, such as sheer mesh, silkier tops, and tank tops.

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  • Pairing styles are important. If you’re showing more skin on the bottom or the top, it’s smart to juxtapose that by covering up more on the opposing side. (Etc. Shorts and a long sleeve top, pants and a tank top.)

  • High waisted pants and shorts have also come back into style this season. These items form your body nicely and make an outfit look overall more put together.

  • Layers on layers on layers. Wearing a long sleeve sheer top under a short sleeve tee shirt makes more of an impact than just wearing the shirt by itself, and the outfit overall looks much better. (This style also helps students keep with the school dress code!)

  • Cuffed jeans with high tops or some sandals are always in style.

As for shoes, shoes always have the potential to either make or break an outfit. Even though winter is traditional for chunky boots and shoes, those items can still better a summery outfit well. You can create a juxtaposition between showing legs while wearing shorts. With a skirt, high tops can make your legs look longer and provide more of a school-friendly vibe. Lastly, low top sneakers are good when paired with jeans for a more casual vibe.  

Accessories should also be paired with every outfit to make it pop. If you start with gold earrings, make sure to keep consistency and not mix in a silver belt or necklace. Remember to always pair silver with a cool-toned outfit and gold with a warm-toned outfit. Big hoop earrings with little charms have been trending lately and go with any outfit. Chunky necklaces are also apparent in the fashion world.

There are also always things to avoid when picking out what to wear in the morning. Itchy and thick materials, such as fuzzy sweaters or itchy pants, can make you very uncomfortable during the long school day. Always be wise when choosing color patterns, as on those warmer days black tends to attract heat. Lastly, make sure not to wear awkward long socks with shorts as it makes one’s legs look shorter and overall can ruin an outfit. It’s important to always make smart decisions, even when running late, so that you can look and feel good all day!