BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ — Despite the best intentions of the Environmental Commission and the efforts of Township Attorney Joe Sordillo, there will be no community garden built this year. The good news is everyone now knows what is needed to get the job done and a time table is in place to see that it gets done.

Sordillo explained the process during the council meeting Tuesday night, June 12. 

The first mention of a community garden at the Littel-Lord Farmstead was made by Richard Leister environmental commission chairman at a February meeting of the council. Since that time, progress has been made, and in April, it looked as though it might be possible to get a garden going this year. Now it looks like it will take most of this year to get all the permits approved from both Green Acres and Historic Sites groups. Watch the video to see the details of the timeline. The first deadline is June 22 and others follow in 30-day increments until late October. If the timeline is kept, and all the permits obtained, the garden should be able to be dug either in late fall or early spring and be up and running next year.