We should not be fooled by the Dem's token recommendations on reforming state worker pension and benefits. While these changes may have been a viable starting point during the past 8+ years of democratic governorship and legislative majority, the fact is, it falls far short from what is required today. So while they stood silent then and their strong words towards unions may sound tough now, it just makes for "Great Theater".

The people of NJ and, in turn, the governor, should demand much more in terms of meaningful reform and should be immensely clear by now that our state cannot continue to be run in "business as usual fashion".

As we see in the private sector, when budget cuts are made, business models must change, best practice principles are sought after, competitive benchmarking occurs, processes are improved and yes, downsizing occurs. Similarly, these governmental bodies need to operate in the same manner and re-invent themselves and not just say, "We can't absorb this cut, we are at peak efficiency and if you cut funding we must cut this or we must raise fees, fares or taxes on our citizens."

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Aside from our schools and transit authority, one glaring example of where we need such "liposuction reform" is in Union County government.  Back in 2000 they had ~24 people on the payroll making over $100k and as of 2008, they had over 125, a 420%+ increase! You can just imagine where the overall budget stands in 2010 and the various types of reckless spending that chief architect George Devanney, and his band of Freeloaders, have increased by now.

If managed appropriately, just think how much funds could have just been returned to the local townships instead. It's time for Devanney, the Union County Freeholders and their cohorts across the state to listen up: our governor as well as the people who voted him in have spoken and, "No More Business As Usual"!