As a Berkeley Heights resident, Berkeley Aquatic Club (BAC) member and Certified Residential Appraiser, I have become as informed as possible re: the Referendum for Berkeley Heights residents to accept or deny a sewerage connection from BAC’s new commercial property in Warren.

Previously, this request was put before the Berkeley Heights Town Council – and defeated twice.

If the Town Council thought accepting sewerage from a large (50,000 SF) commercial property would benefit the entire community, it would have approved the request.

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Berkeley Heights’ sewerage treatment plant and infrastructure was not built last year – or within the last 10 years. It requires regular maintenance and generational upgrades, if the Referendum is approved; BAC will pay a one-time connection fee of $85,680 and a modest annual sewerage fee of $11,468.20 – for its large commercial property.

Obviously, the additional sewerage from Warren’s BAC will accelerate the normal wear and deterioration of Berkeley Heights infrastructure. Yet, BAC, per the language in the Referendum, will have absolutely no obligation to contribute to future infrastructure repairs or upgrades, beyond their annual fee.

No surprise, I suppose, in a Referendum drafted by BAC.

The Referendum, as written, benefits only one party, BAC.

I strongly urge all voters in Berkeley Heights to VOTE NO on the Referendum on Tuesday, May 7th.

Matthew T. Caffrey, SRA
Certified Residential Appraiser
Berkeley Heights