Ms. Barbara Brummer, the State Director of The Nature Conservancy, will speak at the March 1 meeting of the Summit Old Guard about the depletion of our natural resources.  Her presentation at the New Providence Municipal Center will show how mankind has relied on nature’s tendency to regenerate natural resources such as water, air and soil nutrients.  Ms. Brummer will illustrate how human civilization has begun to deplete many key resources faster than they are regenerating.

Barbara Brummer has a Ph.D. and had a 30 year corporate career that included executive positions at Johnson & Johnson.  She has encouraged the growth of the Conservancy in areas of the organization’s scientific capacity and has raised funds for land acquisition plus marine and freshwater programs.

All area 50-plus active men are invited to attend meetings of the Summit Area Old Guard on Tuesday mornings at the New Providence Municipal Center at 360 Elkwood Avenue.  A coffee hour starts at 9:15 that is followed by a 10 AM short business meeting. Old Guard members participate in sports, bridge, hikes, and trips. The Old Guard will visit the United Nations in New York in March.  Call Don Miller at 908-464-4116 for more information or log on to the website: