Did you know?  When you sign up for a 10-week MAX Challenge, you start right away and go on to complete YOUR 10 weeks!  That means, even if you join in the middle of our Fall Challenge, you will still get the FULL 10 weeks of fun and exciting fitness classes, an easy to follow and effective nutrition plan, and the chance to make friendships and connections you didn't even anticipate!  

Working out does NOT need to be something you dread...a boring, daily routine that has you counting the minutes until it's over.  Try out a class at the MAX Challenge, and let us show you how much fun you can have while getting yourself in shape!  Trainers use multiple different formats in each class, and you will never do the same 45 minute workout twice!  The MAX caters to ALL fitness levels, so do NOT be intimidated!  We can push the athlete to the next level, and at the same time make you feel welcome if you haven't worked out in a very long time.  The trainers will get to know your name, know your abilities and limitations, and learn your story.  You are never alone at the MAX!

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