NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - "Parenting Teenagers in a Sexualized World" is a free seminar for parents on Saturday, Oct. 4 at 7:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church at New Providence in the sanctuary located at 1307 Springfield Avenue, New Providence. 

"One of the most important voices, a parent's, is often left out of the dialog when it comes to sex. Study after study demonstrates that a parent's voice is the most important in a child's life. However, studies also show the more religious a family is, the less likely they are to have honest conversation about sex and relationships. Parents need and desire information and guidance that will help them understand this new world and the role it plays in their children's lives, along with solid biblical guidance and response strategies for healthy relational discussions surrounding sexuality. This seminar is designed to encourage these discussions and empower parents to become the authority on this subject," states the event organizers.

About the speaker: Jason Soucinek is dedicated to talking honestly about matters of sex, sexuality and relationships. Jason has spent the last decade engaging audiences of all ages and groups and meeting his audiences "where-they-are." he approaches these topics with an awareness of the current culture and an ability to communicate these messages with creativity. Jason is a recognized seminar and conference speaker and has also written multiple articles on issues surrounding sexuality and youth culture for different magazines and news outlets. Jason is the funder/executive director of He resides in Washington state with his wife Emily and son Kaleb.