"I respect Mr. Schiavo’s opinion and appreciate the work he and the many volunteers have put forth in an effort to better inform our residents. However, the leadership our Township Council provides to improve communications and transparency is severely lacking.  Councilman Pastore, who serves as the Council liaison to the Communications Committee, has had 6 years of broken promises to televise our Township Council meetings.  If we can televise a number government events then why not our Council meetings as well?  

Residents I have spoken with feel more left out and uninformed than ever before.  When the Town Council spends tens of millions of our tax dollars, or pushes through big-impact plans like the “Land Swap”, we are left in the dark. That’s because meetings aren’t televised or even streamed online, and they send nothing out to keep us informed – let alone ask what we think. Bill Machado and I have a plan to make government more transparent and keep residents informed:

  • Televise Council meetings and stream them online.
  • Start an e-newsletter, just like what the Recreation Department does
  • Use social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch
  • Bring back the Township Newsletter

I applaud the Communications Committee and its plans to unveil a new website……it is something that is long overdue and it is our hope it will be another tool in educating the public.    

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Bill and I “understand the facts.” Our residents want our elected officials to communicate better and be more transparent.  We couldn’t agree more.  

Rina Franchino