A walkway on a residential property is the pathway that leads and directs to an entrance whether it be a front door entrance to your home, pool area, barbeque area, garage, courtyard, gardens and/or patio. Walkway pavers are the perfect solution for any walkway application.

Pavers are a popular choice among homeowners and landscape contractors worldwide.  Here are a couple of the benefits to using pavers for your next hardscape project:

1.      They are available in many shapes, colors, patterns and sizes.
2.      Durable and versatile.
3.      Very affordable and would suit any budget.
4.      They are weather and slip resistant (very important factor for safety).
5.      Very low maintenance.
6.      Snow can be easily removed during snow season.
7.      Lighter colored pavers are cooler for walkways (especially in the pool area).
8.      Long lasting. Especially in high traffic area walkways.

Gary Carluccio, the owner of G&C Landscaping Design and Construction Services of Chatham Township, has more than 30 years of hands on experience in all phases of landscaping design and construction. Carluccio is a master craftsman and artist who has designed and built hundreds of paving stone walkways, patio’s, retaining walls, driveway’s, barbeque pits, steps, pillars, and sitting benches in the most popular decorative pavers.  These pavers are made of concrete, stone or brick and come in many different varieties.   Not only will these pavers enhance the beauty of your home they will also increase the value!

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The construction of our pavers consist of a road stone base, road dust, aluminum edging, and railroad spikes with a light covering of stabilizing sand for a finished look.  In addition, we can install lights for a nightime glow.  These lights add a beautiful touch to the sitting benches.

Pavers are durable but they still require care in order to last for many years.  The care required for your new paving stone addition is: remove wet leaves & dirt as they can stain the stone; use a plastic shovel to remove snow; do not use salt to melt snow as it will ruin the stone; when fertilizing your lawn do not get any fertilizer on the stone as it too can stain; and for stains try using dish washing detergent and scrub with a brush.  Then sit back and enjoy your lovely new dreamscape…

Remember that the contractor you hire is one of the most important parts of your entire project.  The wrong one will cause you unnecessary expense and headaches at a minimum, but the right one will work with you to make your dream a reality.  Gary Carluccio of G&C Landscaping Design & Construction Services takes pride in what he does and it shows with his company’s overall experience in all phases of his work.

Call us today for a free estimate at (973) 635-5639 or visit our website to see our work at www.gandclandscapingconstruction.com.


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