Eileen Wotanowski, a certified behaviorist, will provide hands-on training to those interested in becoming a mentor for children with special needs in our local community. You will learn how various developmental disabilities such as aspergers, autism, ADHD, visual and hearing impairments as well as physical impairments impact how children play and learn. Beyond learning how and why these children see their world differently, you will learn how to work and interact with them. You will learn techniques to help these children have enjoyable sports and recreation experiences.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to all who attend the class. This certificate will enable you to work as a peer mentor volunteer in any of our TryCAN special needs programs in Summit, New Providence or Berkeley Heights. Trainees who go on to mentor in our programs will gain valuable leadership and teaching skills, helpful in pursuing employment, while giving back to the community and touching the lives of special children. Credit for community service hours is also awarded to anyone working in our programs. This training class is open to children 10 years of age or older. Parents are also welcome to attend. Thursday, September 16 at 5:00-7:00 pm at the Summit Community Center, 100 Morris Avenue. $10 fee. To register online, go to https://register.communitypass.net/summit. To register by phone call 908-277-2932 or in person at the Summit Community Center. Call 908-277-2932 or contact Kevin Taylor at summitcan@gmail.com or (908) 277-1392 with any questions.

The TryCAN program is a collaboration of the Summit, New Providence and Berkeley Heights. By offering these programs through the collaboration, each community can host a program, field teams and join forces to present a comprehensive program of recreation offerings for children with special needs or those who need special accommodation.