AmeriCare Physical Therapy in Mountainside is partnering with the Essex County/Rutgers Cooperative Extension to help American Veterans suffering from chronic back pain.

Veterans with no health insurance must resort to the VA for medical treatment, where they may wait months to see a physical therapist. Because they’re often directed to pain management and given medication, the root cause of the chronic pain may go untreated indefinitely.

AmeriCare Physical Therapy wanted to help. On July 21, the Mountainside clinic hosted a group of a dozen vets for a talk about back pain. Various methods of self-treatment were demonstrated, such as posture, stretching, and home exercises. Therapists were available to perform assessments on those who exhibited a need for further therapy.

AmeriCare Physical Therapy sees patients of all age groups, providing consistent evidence-based therapy to maximize mobility and function. AmeriCare guarantees new patients an initial appointment within 24-48 hours to ensure that their condition is addressed immediately, putting them on the road to recovery as soon as possible.  After September first, AmeriCare will also treat patients at a second location in Garwood.