The Berkeley Heights Communications Committee “(Committee”) was formed by Township Ordinance in 2010.  It is all volunteer and consists of residents, business owners, educational employees and government personnel. The mission is to promote Berkeley Heights initiatives to interested parties in the Township.  Its mission is mainly accomplished via the Township website, Township Television Station and Township Newsletter.

Some recent Committee initiatives have been a restructuring of the Township website, a quarterly television show in which the Mayor provides the latest news from City Hall. Also, on December 1, a weekly news show will originate and focus on community news, community organizations and local businesses.  These aforementioned initiatives are due to the hardworking efforts of Berkeley Heights residents, business owners and community organizations who have volunteered their time.  It is a team effort.

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During the Committee’s Township Council Election debate and in a post, Township Council Candidate and Committee member, Stephen Yellin, stated that he brought our local media outlets together in creating a local news program that will be soon underway.  The Committee disagrees with Stephen Yellin’s statements.  A handful of other Committee members have been responsible for the successful origination and structure of the News Show which is currently planned for a December 1 launch.  These members have volunteered their time over the past few months.

Stephen was appointed to the Committee since its inception and was invited to Committee meetings.  However, he did not bring together the local media outlets, nor did he attend Committee meetings.  Initially, another Committee member had outlined the show’s concept and approached Stephen to lead an effort in creating a weekly news show.  These efforts included Stephen forwarding emails and making phone calls to the local media outlets, Unfortunately, Stephen never provided guidance/instructions to the local media outlets after his initial efforts.  In addition, Stephen did not follow-up internally with other Committee members to move the project along into a detailed structure for which all parties could take action.

The Committee requests that Stephen Yellin retract his initial statements regarding the creation of a local news program.  In addition, the Committee requests that Stephen refrain during the remainder of his campaign stating that he brought the local media outlets together.   Stephen should recognize the tireless efforts of those volunteers versus taking credit for their work.  The Committee is a community effort.  It welcomes Stephen’s input to the News Show and any other Township Communication ideas that he would like to bring forward. 


Nicholas Schiavo
Dave Siburn
Judith Siburn
Volunteers for The Berkeley Heights Communications Committee