BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Provisional ballots have been counted and …. the results remain the same as they were reported to be Tuesday night. Susan Poage came in first, incumbent Republican Jeanne Kingsley second, Democrat Alvaro Medeiros third, Republican John Sincaglia in fourth position and Libertarian Edmund "Tom" Maciejewski in fifth.

The margin between Kingsley and Medeiros remained the same – eight votes. .

Unless there are challenges, that means Poage and Kingsley will be sworn in to their seats on the council on New Year’s Day.

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Thursday evening, Kingsley said, " I am thrilled to have been reelected and can continue the wonderful work we've done for the the past six years.I congratulate Susan and welcome her to the team."

She also thanked "Susan, Alvaro and John, who campaigned very hard and kept the campaign respectful and clean," while campaigning on their accomplishments and resumes. "Thank you for the dignity and respect you showed to the community," in the way in which the campaign was conducted. "Berkeley Heights is lucky that four people cared so much and worked so hard to campaign to serve their community."

Poage and Medeiros struck a similar tone in their message to the township, "While we have not always agreed on how to make Berkeley Heights an even better place to live, all of us want to make this happen. This election emphasized the need for all of us to come together to embrace a positive, respectful conversation on how we can do this, and we will do our part to make this a reality." 

Berkeley Heights resident and Campaign Manager of the Democrat ticket of Poage and Medeiros, Stephen Yellin, attended the opening, qualification and reading of ballots Thursday, Nov. 9, at the Union County Board of Elections, 271 North Broad St., Elizabeth.

Yellin said the four Election Board Commissioners, John DeSimone, Clara Harelik, Esq., Marie Oakie and Mary Ellen Harris, and Board Administrator Dennis Kobitz, examined each of the 21 provisional ballots. They rejected six, then read the actual votes on each of the paper ballots out loud, for example “Poage and Medeiros; Kingsley and Sincaglia, something like that,” Yellin said. In the end Poage received 8 votes; Medeiros 7; Kingsley 7, Sincaglia 5 and Maciejewski 3 to add to their previous totals.

That brings the vote totals to: Poage 2,008; Kingsley 1,903; Medeiros 1,895; Sincaglia 1,823, and Maciejewski 811.

The campaign managers for both campaigns were there – Julie Lloyd for the Republicans and Yellin for the Democrats, as well as Democrat Susan Poage.

Mountainside Councilman and Chairman of the Union County Republicans Glenn Mortimer also attended, but not specifically for Berkeley Heights. Two other towns, Garwood and the First Ward in Roselle Park had provisional votes cast that could impact a race. Union also had provisional ballots cast for the non-partisan Board of Education contest.

Even though the results have not changed, the Board of Elections has not yet certified the election results for any towns. That will happen after Nov. 22, the deadline for recount of the general election.