To the editor:

Susan Poage and Alvaro Medeiros are the only candidates who represent young voters in Berkeley Heights. Susan and Alvaro are lifelong learners. They don’t pretend to have all the answers, but are ready to work with and for each and every resident to find the best possible solutions to our issues in town.

The Republican supporters and the 3rd party candidate and his supporters have made clear their lack of respect for young voters, our opinions, and our ideas. They are not interested in allowing younger generations to join the political conversation in town. When the pressure builds, they dismiss their opposition as “inexperienced” or “kids” instead of engaging in substantive debate about the issues. They claim the issues are “too complex” to communicate to the residents, and refuse to seriously consider new ideas from those outside their bubble.

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It’s time for our town council to represent its residents. I have been seriously following town politics for several years, and have frequently been condescended to and patronized online by the Republican and 3rd party supporters. Poage and Medeiros recognize that my vote is equal to the vote of anyone else in our town, and have fought to win it. But even more importantly, with Poage and Medeiros my contributions are valued and treated as mature and thoughtful.

As a young voter with a patriotic desire to participate in representative democracy, it is clear to me that Susan Poage and Alvaro Medeiros are the best candidates on the ballot.