Susan Poage is passionate about making Berkeley Heights work, for our small businesses, for our kids and for the people of our community. 

In 2017 when I first began attending Berkeley Heights Town Council meetings regularly, Susan Poage had yet to be elected.  I still remember how unpleasantly surprised I was at what, at the time, passed for acceptable treatment of BH residents who came to speak at the podium.  The environment was less than welcoming and not at all open. 

When Susan was elected I saw things start to turn around. Under her leadership and that of others, I was glad to see our town council adopt a polite, patient and respectful – really, a professional environment where residents can be sure they will be heard no matter who they are. 

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One of the reasons I like Susan is because of her approach to the projects and initiative she takes on.  She takes the time to do the research whether it’s for grant writing, how other municipalities approach issues like shared services, or how to optimize our sewer plant.  

When Susan was first elected, she actually took the time to educate herself on best practices for NJ Town Council members.  I have worked with her as an adjunct to the Grants Committee where I have seen firsthand her persistence and attention to details.  She is an out-of-the-box thinker from how to fund the Littel-Lord Farm House renovations to getting a disc golf course for our town.

Susan and her running mate Bret Sayre have a plan to revitalize and energize our downtown.  She and Bret have a cohesive platform which addresses small business growth in downtown BH, along with zoning and long term planning. 

I am casting my vote for them this Tuesday. I urge you to do the same.

Janice McLean