As the Township Council candidate who requested a recount, I want to set the record straight on what has taken place - and equally important, what hasn't:

- I requested the recount because of the unprecedented amount of paper ballots cast in this election when compared to a normal election year (8000+ vs. less than 250 in 2017, the last time a recount was held). In addition, the margin between myself and Councilman-elect Varnerin - less than .7% - is very close.

- I have not retracted my concession statement, nor has my running mate, Bret Sayre. Bret is not seeking a recount. Contrary to the paid press release sent out by the New Jersey Republican Party to TAP, he is not involved in the recount, nor is Mayor Devanney or her "team". 

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- The recount is not expected to cost any additional taxpayer dollars. The recount will occur in the normal course of business as it is the statutory authority of the Board of Elections to ensure election results are complete and accurate.

- The Board of Elections has done an excellent job under incredibly difficult and unprecedented circumstances. My request for a recount is in no way meant as a criticism of them or their efforts.

- I do expect it will put my mind at rest knowing that the results were 100% accurate. I am simply asking that all the votes cast in this historic election are accurately counted.

Rather than immediately going on the political attack, as the local Republican Party has done, we should all sit back and allow the recount process to take place. Then we can work to bring our community together and move forward. 

Councilwoman Susan Poage