LONG HILL, NJ - With the public’s effort in sharing the initial report through social media, the  Long Hill Police Department in conjunction with the Berkeley Heights Police Department have been able to identify the reported vehicle and driver in the child luring incident on July 22.

Detectives from both departments have made contact with the driver and this matter is currently under investigation.

As a reminder with any suspicious incidents, notify the police immediately with a complete description of the suspect, vehicle, license plate number and direction of travel.

The incident occurred on July 22. At approximately 12:23 p.m., the Long Hill Twp. Police Department responded to Passaic Avenue in Stirling where they met with the complainant who advised that two of her daughter's friends had advised her of a suspicious person/vehicle.

The two females were walking west on Somerset Street when a silver mini van drove past them and parked just west of Passaic Avenue. As the females continued walking south on Passaic Avenue, the mini van backed up and began traveling south behind them.

After a few hundred feet the mini van pulled over to the eastern shoulder and stopped as they were walking along the western shoulder. The driver began talking to them asking if they wanted to get lunch or ice cream or see a movie. The females did not answer and continued walking. The mini van pulled up to them again and the driver said to never mind and that he was crazy. The mini van then turned east bound on Essex Street and they ran to a house.

The females described the mini van as being a silver Chrysler mini van,with no other identifiers. The females described the subject as being a white elderly male with thinning white hair.