BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  On Monday 12/1/14 at 1:05 a.m. patrol responded to a residence on report of an unresponsive male possibly undergoing a heroin overdose. 

Sgt. William Ives and Patrolmen Michael Gallaro, Ron DeSimoni and Ed Gaffney arrived at the scene and observed a 23 year old male lying on the floor unresponsive and with shallow breathing. 

Due to their training in recognizing opiate (heroin) overdoses, the officers recognized several indicators and immediately administered naloxone spray “Narcan”, which is a medication that reverses opiate overdoses.  After deploying the Narcan spray, the male was revived and transported to Overlook Hospital for further treatment. 

All police officers received training in the use of Narcan earlier this year and this is the departments second Narcan save in the past week.  If not for the officers’ quick response and situational awareness, this incident may have been deadly for the patient and another statistic in the growing number of deaths related to heroin overdoses.