As residents prepare for the storm approaching our area, it may be a wise to review some useful and helpful information from the Borough’s Office of Emergency Management which can be found on-line at  We certainly hope that the storm will not create problems for our community however it is important to plan in advance.  Should we get the amount of snow expected, we ask residents to stay off the roads for their own safety, and to allow the Borough and County plows to clear the roads.

Preparedness is important.  Maintain an adequate supply of essentials such as drinking water, batteries, etc.  Have an emergency “kit” with these essentials and review with family members. 

Notification is also important.  Residents who are signed up for “Code Red Notification” received updates and notices yesterday on the water main break on Springfield Avenue. We encourage residents to sign up for the Code Red notification through the below link.

Sign Up for E-News

Code Red will provide emergency announcements during storm and outage events.

If you experience a loss of power, you should report the outage so that JCP&L can add your home to their affected list.  Here are some quick pointers to be aware of

·         Residents should report loss of power by contacting JCP&L 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877).

·         Follow the recorded prompts to let us know your power is out. We will respond as soon as possible.

·         Customers with a communication disability can report an outage using the appropriate TTY/TDD relay service, our online form, or text messaging.

·         Please report a downed wire only if you actually see one at your location. Do not assume that because your power is out there must be a wire down somewhere. For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions. Remember to keep a safe distance from any downed wire.

Residents may check the status of any reported power outages through the below JCP&L website

The Borough’s Emergency Management Center will become operational if needed.  We have planned effectively and have installed a working generator system.  Should residents become displaced during an event, they are welcome to come into the Shelter at Borough Hall.  Charging stations and other helpful assistance will be made available. The Barabash Manor generator was recently installed and is also operational at this time.

Garbage Pickup - As you may already be aware, garbage pickup scheduled for Thursday, February 13th has been moved to Friday, February 14th. Both Thursday and Friday garbage pickups will be on Friday, February 14th.

Certainly during any major event, do your best to be a good neighbor.  Check in on your elderly neighbors and assist them with snow removal if possible.  If we lose power in the area, share your generator power with neighbors too.  This is a time that we rise to the occasion as friends and neighbors, which is what truly makes us a great community.

Please plan, prepare and be safe.