As a freshman student/athlete at Governor Livingston High School who plays soccer on the freshman team and junior varsity team, I think we deserve more recognition in the press. I know that we are not the best players in the high school but we practice just as hard and work just as hard as the varsity team. Every time I read the local papers I always flip right to the high school sports section in the hopes of one day reading about how the freshman or the junior varsity team did the previous day. Even if the junior varsity scores or standings were just printed once a week it would motivate the teams.  I would like to be able to flip to the high school sports section and read about where the junior varsity team is in the standings or who they beat the previous day. It would not be too hard to fit a tiny square into the high school sports section showing junior varsity scores and/or standings. This would mean a lot to me and to the teams and would serve as a good motivator.