To the Editor: Saturday I got the biggest dose of suburban town Americana since the Memorial Day Parade. I say Memorial Day because I could not attend the 9/11 memorial the day before.  In the morning 50 small children christened the new Volunteer Rescue Squad Ambulance with water guns.  It celebrated a purchase made entirely from 12 years of resident's small donations.  The Fire Department volunteers, the clergy, police, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and towns people all participated in the ceremony.

In the evening the Fire Department challenged the Police Department in an annual softball game to raise money to restore the town's war memorial. The Recreation Commission, Police Athletic League, local Rotary chapter, Rescue Squad, and many town’s people came to cheer them on for fun, pride, and a good cause. Not every police officer that volunteered his time was a resident but they all care about the town. Most of the volunteer fire fighters on the field were younger adults, proving that volunteerism replenishes itself from the next generations.

For me it was one more proud day to live in Berkeley Heights.