On the invitation by Berkeley Heights Schools Counselor Laraine Reedy, Rotarian and Pure Water for the World advocate Byron Miller talked with several hundred students at Mountain Park School.  In this school-wide assembly, students learned that over a billion people in developing countries around the world don't have access to water without disease-causing microbes. Rotary's "Pure Water Guy" answered students' questions, including, "Are we really drinking the same water as dinosaurs, from 65 million years ago?" (Yes, we are!) and, "Does water with dirt in it hurt people?" (Nope; but water with “bad” microbes does!).  For the next two weeks, Mountain Park School students will be raising money to help impoverished people in Central and South America have water filters that will stop water-borne disease and save lives, particularly of children under five years old.  Because Rotary is a volunteer organization worldwide, all money raised will go toward relieving impure water conditions in developing countries.