Consciously or not, many residents who oppose the temporary lighting ordinance have tried to capture the moral high ground through references to "community", "these kids", and the merit of fund raising; it is easy to try to capture the moral high ground when it is not your quality of life or property value that is on the line. No one opposed to temporary lights at GL is against the school, kids, football or cancer research and anyone saying otherwise is not doing their line of argument any favor. Further, the merit of any individual event is not the point -- that is like arguing for a higher speed limit because my car is beautiful.

Regarding Relay for Life, the issue is not the event's location -- the issue is this: thousands of fund raisers are held throughout the country that do not go until 3 am and suggesting that a) the merit of the cause supersedes any other considerations/constraints and b) that going to 3 am is the only way in which the event can be successful are both absurd. It raises the question of who is being unreasonable -- and 3a m is not reasonable.

Regarding temporary lighting at GL for sports, the issue of permanent lights was settled several years ago; however, when the town's zoning officer issued a "temporary waiver", the school/Board of Education became self indulgent, viewing a one-off exception as a green light to ask for "exception" after "exception" after "exception." Any reasonable person would say that there is a point at which an exception is asked for enough times that it is no longer an "exception." Therefore, the issue is not the merit of the football team or that they are "going to Giants Stadium." Instead, the issues are 1) the school/Board of Education is abusing the notion of "temporary" in order to skirt/eviscerate existing lighting ordinances and 2) their actions teach students that their individual cares are junior to nothing. GL student Andrew Shepherd could not have made the latter point any better when he said "anybody with a problem with it, I'll pay for a motel." Kids learn a tremendous amount by watching what the adults in their life do -- it looks like Andrew Shepherd should get an "A" in the lesson he has gotten from the BoE and other residents in town.

Lastly, some residents have made reference to knowing that your home is next to a school (this is pretty obvious) or that other towns have permanent lights. The following are also true: 1) GL is a school, not a stadium with pre-existing lights 2) there is no expectation for a change in the character of the school and its fields 3) there are existing lighting ordinances that deal with this issue 4) at this school, there is insufficient buffer between the field and nearby homes and 5) GL has been producing outstanding young people for decades without night lighting. Regarding other towns having lighting, almost without exception, the better towns in the area do not have night lighting; it is the more urban towns that have night lighting -- this is an indisputable fact.