We’ve all heard it, but do we heed the good advice? You MUST take time to replenish yourself… to recharge your batteries, as it were. It isn’t as though we wouldn’t love to, but who can find the time? When my family moved up to NJ 5 years ago, I was amazed at the level of focus, intensity, and competition. And, I’m just talking about the soccer moms! Whether you are a dual-income household, or a commuter household, with a stay-at-home parent (usually highly-educated), one thing is certain…. you are BUSY!

According to many of our “alternative healing” GWACC members, taking time to pay attention to your breath, and listen to your body might be the answer.

Satsang- 307 South Ave., Westfield, NJ, 908-789-7203

Hapi Yogi- 235 E. Broad St., Westfield, 908-380-9668

Health In Motion- 524 Westfield Ave., Westfield, 908-301-9055

YMCA- 220 Clark St., Westfield, NJ, 908-233-2700

Gold Medal Fitness- 475 North Ave., Garwood, 908-233-7122

Other members provide medical services that are proven beneficial, to move us towards balance, and release toxins that may predispose us to illness.

Cleansing Waters- 560 Springfield Ave. Ste G 2nd Floor, Westfield, 908-233-9300

Accupuncture Health Associates- 332 South Ave E., Westfield 908-928-0060

Center for Accupunture & Herbal Medicine- 166 Mountain Ave., Westfield 908-654-4333

Rosati Family Chiropractic- 346 South Avenue, Suite 4, Fanwood, NJ, 908-288-7682

Massage Envy- 518 North Ave., Garwood, 908-233-4442

Natural Way to Wellness- PO Box 1218, Union, NJ, 908-591-1703

Still other GWACC members have products that might augment, or replace, pharmaceuticals, to keep us well.

GNC- 300 South Ave., Garwood, 908-654-1600

Tiffany Natural Pharmacy- 1115 South Ave W., Westfield, NJ, 908-233-2200

Let us not forget those who understand. Sometimes, having someone to listen is all it takes to make us feel much better!

Imagine, a Center for Coping with Loss- P.O. Box 711, Westfield, NJ 07090, 908-334-5723

Peggy A. Rothbaum, Ph.D.- 232 St Paul St., Westfield, NJ, 908-232-6233

Youth & Family Counseling Service- 233 Prospect Ave., Westfield, NJ, 908-233-2042