As the only incumbent seeking re-election to our Town Council, it was my expectation that my record serving our community would become the target of my opponents. Because I am extremely proud of the accomplishments we have all worked together so hard to bring about, I want to be sure that the successful efforts of our volunteers, citizens and elected officials aren’t overlooked. 

Tremendous progress has been made downtown since the Recession. Volunteers have come together with our landlords and business community to bring about improvements and activities without additional taxation on residents.  Our volunteers tirelessly encourage our residents to “support local, eat local, and shop local” through word of mouth, print and social media and our local TAP.  Volunteers do extensive research on safety, streetscapes, and sidewalks, successfully obtain grant funding to honor our Veterans, renovate parks and playgrounds, and tend to our natural environment. Volunteers seek to improve services for our Seniors and children. My fellow Council members and I welcome new ideas, but those can be generated without disrespecting all the hard work that has been done. As I have said repeatedly, words do not get things done; collaboration, hard work, and finding funding does.

What also gets lost at election time are the facts—facts regarding budgets, taxes, and their impact on our community. There are real numbers attached to real programs, and those should not be conveniently overlooked as a political ploy.  Those who wish to make statements should include the facts, especially as they pertain to services and projects we need.

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The importance of the word “we” cannot be understated.  I work side by side with our residents, business owners, Board of Education, County and State Officials, and stakeholders. Opponents seek to suggest that none of these relationships exist and that they will implement them. Certainly, they know that these collaborations exist, and yet these essential and successful relationships become political chess pieces to move at election time. Or maybe some candidates just need to do their homework.  It takes real research and hard work to serve on the Council.  It takes real relationships to get things done.  We have been doing this, and TOGETHER we are seeing results.  Our work is not finished, but to those who want to dismiss what has been done by the determination and efforts of others, I can only say they do not know or choose not to know what is happening in Berkeley Heights. 

As I say to my four children, “Nothing ever gets built by putting down the feelings or ideas of others or the work they have done. Stand on your merits, work with others, and help everyone have a better quality of life.” Please join us as WE continue to build the future of Berkeley Heights with respect for past and current efforts and the determination for a continued and vibrant future.  Please vote Column B for Kingsley and Sincaglia on November 7.  Learn more and share your ideas with us at Thank you for your support.