BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  Owner Kim Bredahl and Michelle Marshall watch Mayor Bob Woodruff do the honors at the ceremonial ribbon cutting at the Grand Opening of Berkeley Heights' newest establishment Revivify, which offers cryotherapy, infrared jade sauna, pneumatic compression, and stretching therapies, all designed to treat pain, improve performance in sports activities and daily life, reduce recovery time, and enhance skin aesthetics

The term “revivify” means “to make someone strong, healthy, or active again,” and Revivify's suite of services are designed to trigger specific reactions, mechanisms, enzymes, and hormones. The approach can be a powerful and more natural option since one's own body is trying to heal or "revivify" itself.

Revivify is located at 63 Industrial Road [within Gabriele Fitness] in Berkeley Heights. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Revivify Berkeley Heights (908) 679-8542, Revivify Summit (908) 273-2222) or visit

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 'Revivify' offers a range of services, including Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy, Pneumatic Compression Sleeves, CryoFacials and Whole Body Theragun.

Examples of ways in which the body can be revivified through their services include:

- Recovery from Injury

- Autoimmune and Chronic Diseases and Conditions

- Improves Sports Performance

- Recovery from Exercise

- Health and Wellness Benefits

- Aesthetics Benefits

At the Berkeley Heights location, 'Revivify' core services:


Whole body and local cryotherapy designed to stimulate the body to regenerate itself naturally. This regeneration can help reduce chronic pain and fatigue, speed recovery from injuries, improve sports performance and improve many other aspects of one's health.


The TheraGun uses a percussive force on the muscle that creates intense blood flow to help the muscle recover without the pain normally associated with deep muscle treatment. TheTheraGun's vibration on the body sends

signals to the brain faster than pain signals can travel. This high frequency vibration overrides pain signals and for a period of time pain is significantly decreased.

Pneumatic Compression

The pneumatic compression sleeves are designed to promote and enhance recovery from intense exercise and competition, reducing muscle stiffness and soreness, improving flexibility and circulation.