Here is a question for Berkeley Heights parents: how would you describe a school where only 53% of students meet or exceed grade level expectations in math? Good?  Average?  Mediocre?  Or a school where 53% is the highest level achieved for three consecutive years?  I would describe it as unacceptable, and the school I am talking about is Governor Livingston High School.  That is why I am voting for Robert Cianciulli for Berkeley Heights board of education.  He is accessible, honest and will keep a careful eye on our District’s academic performance metrics in order to identify the areas where change is needed.  And change is definitely needed. Current board members seem rather complacent and casually claim that Berkeley Heights has "great schools".  Really? 53% math proficiency for three years running certainly does not sound great to me or anyone else I know.  I hope all candidates will pay close attention to academics and work hard to improve outcomes for all kids. I know Robert will.  Thank you.