BERKELEY HEIGTS, NJ - The Roselle Rams defeated the Governor Livingston boys' basketball team, 40-56, on Thursday.

The Highlanders and started the night off with an all-senior starting lineup of Ron Jordan, Cameron DeFronzo, Matt Parmett, Theo Weber, and Kevin Tansey.

The game began with a lot of energy from both teams battling between court sides. Each team took many opportunities to shoot but ended only in a few points for each team. Roselle ended the first quarter ahead 13-10.

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DeFronzo led the Highlanders with  two 2-pointers and a few foul shots.

“The first half was really really good," Jordan said. "It was solid. It showed that you know as a team when we come together and when we get what we have to get done we can really play.”

Throughout the rest of the first half, both teams fought with matched energy. Ram’s Jamar Redmond generated several shots, two 2-pointers, two 3-pointers, and a few foul shots.

“We played well," Redmond said, leading the Rams to a 24-point first half.  

In the last few minutes of the second quarter, Jordan ended a lengthy 21-21 tie with a 2-pointer. However in the last few seconds, Roselle’s Mark Cadet tied it back up with a basket, later giving his team the lead on a free-throw.

The Highlander’s Imbalzano scored a 3-pointer during the 3rd quarter. He attempted another 3-pointer but teammate DeFronzo rebounded the miss and scored two points.

Both teams scored multiple points through the frequent foul shot occurrences. However, the Ram’s converted at a better rate, leading by 15 at the end of the third quarter. Redmond contributed two 3-pointers,while Codet, Julian Jones and James Womble each obtained several 2-pointers.

During the fourth quarter, there were many fumbles between players. Highlander, Parmett, in an attempt to recover the ball, slipped and lost the ball. Butler made an attempt to claim the ball back during a pass to a Roselle player.  This led to both teams scrambling together to regain control of the ball, resulting in multiple players falling to the ground from both teams.  

During the second half, GL struggled a little bit because according to one Highlander,  “certain things just don’t click and you can see the passes we were making and during the second half people just weren’t in the right place or people weren’t in the right spots but overall it showed good improvement.”