Running Boot Camp: Perfect  for  Runners Looking to Improve Technique &  Avoid Injuries!
• Dynamic Warm-up
• Running mechanics
• Self myofascial release
• Sports nutrition
• Core stability for runners
• Agility and Balance Exercises
Location & Date:
Rubber Ducky Festival
June 11, 2011
12:45 PM
Passaic Park, Berkeley Heights

Here’s the inside scoop on Running Boot Camp:
• “I can’t believe my knee pain is gone! Thank you Dr. D.” Bev R.
• “The dynamic warm-up was the best for me. Now I’m in full stride in my
first mile” Suzanne Q. RN, Personal trainer
• “I am much more relaxed and can breathe better since the camp.” Will S.
A Courtesy of DeFabio Chiropractic Spine and Sport Rehab
Open Registration:  908-771-0220

Want to Drop your PR? Then come to CAMP! Not Just for Rubber Ducky’s!