My interest  in running  for  the  Berkeley Heights Board of Education extends  from  my  desire to  give  back  to  the  community  that has served my family so well.  I have  been  involved  in education  for over 30 years which has given  me an understanding  of the daily workings  of  a school  district.

It is crucial  that  our  district  maintain its  tradition  of  providing  a  high  quality  of educational  opportunities  for  all our  students.  We must provide a rigorous curriculum for our students to meet future challenges. We must recruit and retain  the  best  teachers  who are  skilled  in effective  teaching  strategies so  all  students  can  reach  their  fullest  potential. 

The  demands to do this  and  more  are  high  and  come with  unfunded  mandates,  less  state  and  federal  aid  and the taxpayer  who  is asking  for relief.  We know that  we  will  have  to  make difficult  decisions,  that has  been said repeatedly,  but  now the  time has  come. It is times like this where we must think a head of the curve looking for sources of revenue to offset the tax burden.  We need a coherent policy to bring in grants, corporate sponsors, and shared services to increase revenue and manage costs.

We can strike the right balance for an excellent school district and one that is fiscally responsible.