On Wednesday and Thursday, March 22 & 23, the senior class at GLHS will receive a real life experience of the dangers of driving while impaired, without being put at risk. 

The Safety Bug is part of an innovative program developed by the “Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence Association”. The Safety Bug has been custom engineered to demonstrate the loss of control one would experience, if operating a motor vehicle while in an impaired state. The key difference is, “it’s the car - not the driver – who is drunk”.

Each GLHS senior will be allowed to participate during their Physical Education class, if they hold a valid NJ driver’s license and have completed and returned their parent permission form by March 15, 2017. The Program is FREE for our students.

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A trained member from Safety Bug program will be in the front passenger seat, controlling settings which caused the vehicle’s steering to lose it’s finesse and prompt the braking mechanisms to become unpredictable. The result is an unsettling episode for the teen in the driver’s seat who gains a firsthand glimpse of what it feels like to drive under the influence.”

While the driver is experiencing this, two additional students were sitting in the back seat, soon realized the helpless position they would be in, if they got into a car with an impaired driver.

After the students completed the Safety Bug obstacle course, Officer Ed Gaffney of the Berkeley Heights Police Department, Detective Shaun Bendik of the Mountainside Police Department and Mr. Bob Segear, Student Assistance Counselor at GLHS, will provide DUI Goggles to the students and then asked them to perform simple motor skill tasks, like balancing on one foot, walking a straight line and catching and throwing a ball.

The students will experience first-hand how their reaction time, depth perception and motor skills would be impacted, if they drove while impaired. Following the program the students will have an opportunity to discuss their experience during their health classes.

The program is paid for and sponsored by the Berkeley Heights & Mountainside Police Departments, the Berkeley Heights and Mountainside Municipal Alliance, the Berkeley Heights Board of Education and Governor Livingston High School TRENDClub.