I have known Sai Bhargavi Akiri for years, and those who know the both of us can tell you that we have, at times, butted heads on local issues. 

That being said, I cannot think of anyone more qualified and capable than Sai in serving our community on the BOE.

Sai has always been about the resident, consistently and unapologetically, despite some of the heat that came her way. She has attended Town Council and BOE meetings for years and has a strong track record of holding elected representatives to task. 

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She has authentic relationships in the community across ideological and cultural spectrums, and she is well respected for her tenacity, knowledge, and dedication to our community.   Relationships she has developed across years through her involvement as a volunteer, mother and politically involved resident.

On school issues, Sai and I share some very important beliefs:

1. Families and children should be front and center on any decision made by the BOE. 

2. Schools should be inviting, warm, and child/teen-friendly. 

3. Education should center on the needs of children, teens, and families. 

4. All children, All families have value and deserve strong, responsive services and a voice at the table. 

Sai acted immediately in refusing the endorsement or support of any special interest this election. She has no political aspiration, no larger agenda or ulterior motive - she is 100% focused on the interests of children and families.

Sai publicly opposed anonymous reporting publicly. 

Sai publicly called for transparency and resident input on the issue of media centers.

Sai publicly called for more collaboration on the issue involving police and drills in our schools, questioning the manner in which the SRO program was implemented. She was persistent in her recommendation that key stakeholders be included in the decision.

Sai has publicly advocated for the re-evaluation of technology and its impact on children's learning.

Sai has publicly advocated for live-streaming BOE meetings.

This was all before running for office. 

This was all before ever asking for one vote.

Sai was there speaking up and fighting for our voices to be heard. 

Join this record of involvement and advocacy with Sai’s work experience as a program manager, her life experience within different cultural contexts and a strong history of community service.

As a father with two children in our school system, I am confidently voting for Sai Bhargavi Akiri, column 3, for BH BOE. 

Please consider giving one of your votes to Sai as well.