There are already 15 or so endorsements of Sai that speak to her qualifications, level of community involvement, advocacy on behalf of children and families, and her volunteerism. There are a multitude of direction statements and policy statements in the body of her announcements, candidate statements and LWV responses - she has been open about her positions. They have been out in the open - for weeks, not days. You can find links to those at the bottom of the article.

Sai’s policy positions are the product of years of involvement and communication with families across all sides of the ideological spectrum. To this day she is meeting with parents daily and also communicating with them on platforms that are comfortable for them - not for her.

As a father with a vested interest in our school system it is important for me to have a representative that has a strong track record, a defined approach to change and a plurality of support throughout the community that has been developed through years of involvement across a variety of issues.

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I’ve known Sai for many years, and I’ve always admired her honesty, integrity, open-mindedness. Sai will choose the truth and what is good for our kids over political equations and not making waves.  Sai will never ever compromise the best interests of this community's children and families because it might upset the wrong people.

I ask you to vote for Sai, Column 3 

Candidate Statements and LWV Response:

Initial Statement

"Building the Future: A Community Based Approach to Re-Evaluating Technology"

"A Better way Forward: Community-Based Approaches to Solving Challenges"

"We Should be Better Than This"

"Children and Families above Special Interests":

LWV Debate Responses:


Importance of Ground Up Survey Options for Parents, Students and Teachers.

Importance of Non-Partisan BOE Campaigns:

Call for Civility:

Position on OPRA:

Feedback to the BOE on Learning Gaps:

"Setting the Record Straight" on Political Affiliations:

"It's Time You had a Voice"

Statements to the BOE on Remote Learning:

Endorsements (to date):

Balu Vemburaj

Helen Gabara:

Bonnie Anderson:

Dipti Khanna

Doug Birbrower

Sharmistha Das

Geetha and Raj Ghai

Amy Mihalov:

Lara Carbine:

John Leo

Helena Hadef

Caroline Migueis

Amalia Canovas

John Migueis

Jessica Moran

Meera Rao

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