Saint Peter’s Preparatory School celebrated its 138th Commencement at Saint Peter’s University on Saturday, June 4, 2016.  The following local residents graduated and their college destination is noted:  
Berkeley Heights:  Peter Garrigan (University of Connecticut) and James Robertello (James Madison University).
Chatham:  Luke Bedell (Case Western Reserve University), Griffin Corry (Tulane University), James Niland (Marquette University), Brendan Popovich (Amherst College), and Spenncer Winell (Hampshire College).  Patrick Carroll (formerly of Chatham), will attend University of Connecticut.
Madison:  Scott Andreas (Boston College).

Millburn:  Luka Heinrich (Fairfield University), Connor Kirkwood (University of Scranton), and Brian Muller (Villanova University).
Short Hills:  Enric Adillon (Boston College), Alexandre Dillon (Fordham University), George Grell (The Taft School), Matthew Moriarty (Georgetown University), Trevor Schumacher (Villanova University), Devin Siracuse (Rensselaer Polytechnic University), Terence Small (Boston College) and Benjamin Warco (University of Maryland, College Park).  Enric Adillon graduated Cum Laude and won the Scholar-Athlete Award.  Matthew Moriarty graduated Magna Cum Laude, won the Scholar-Athlete Award, and Gold Medals in English and History.  Terence Small graduated Cum Laude and won the Scholar-Athlete Award.  Benjamin Warco graduated Cum Laude and won the Scholar-Athlete Award.
Summit:  William Delaney (Saint Bonaventure University).  William graduated Cum Laude and won the Scholar-Athlete Award.  He was presented his diploma by his father, William Delaney, Class of 1978.
Photo caption (all but Short Hills/Millburn), l. to r.:
Bottom row:  Corry, Delaney, Garrigan, Bedell, Andreas
Top Row:  Robertello, Huber, Winell, Niland, Carroll
Missing:  Popovich
Photo caption for Millburn/Short Hills, l. to r.:
Bottom row:  Warco, Grell, siracuse, Kirkland
Middle row:  Adillon, Moriarty, Small
Top row:  Schumacher, Heinrich, Dillon, Muller