Rather than heading home to start the weekend, over 100 Salt Brook Elementary School students descended on the school cafeteria to prepare 500 bagged lunches for Bridges Outreach Inc. Bridges delivers the lunches to needy people in our area.

The Bridges initiative is just one way that students “Pass It On” to others in their community. “Pass It On” is this year’s theme of Salt Brook’s Character Education program, an integral part of the students’ educational experience. In 2011, Salt Brook School was selected as a 2011 New Jersey School of Character as well as a 2011 National School of Character.

The annual Bridges program is run by the school’s PTA, who provided all lunch bags, sandwich supplies and napkins. The student and parent volunteers donated juice, fruit and snacks. Students excitedly decorated the lunch bags, made the sandwiches and packed the bags with food. Outside temperatures were below freezing that day, but 100 sets of helping hands filled the school with warmth.