BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  Seniors who meet certain requirements may now leave the campus at lunchtime.

Thursday night, the board of education unanimously approved the use of “Open Campus Privileges” for the incoming senior class at Gov. Livingston.

Under the open campus concept, seniors may leave the high school’s campus during lunchtime if they meet certain academic, attendance, discipline and punctuality guidelines.

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Superintendent of Schools Judith Rattner called for the board to approve the privileges for the Class of 2018 after meeting with class representatives, who assured her the class would obey all regulations and meet all milestones.

She added that each senior had to apply for the privilege, his or her parents would have to sign up on the application and the privilege could be removed at any time that the school or administration felt the student in question was not fulfilling the obligations they had agreed to.

The superintendent noted that school principal Robert Nixon was the person chiefly in charge of the privilege.

There are about 274 seniors who would be affected by the privilege.

Rattner said there are currently  250 student parking spaces and 226 students have applied for parking permits, with some of those for twins or triplets in families or those who shared the same space through parts of the school year.

Gov. Livingston vice principal Tara Oliveira said it would take about eight days to get the program up and running for the next school year, meaning students probably would get to use the privileges in mid September.

On another matter, school business administrator Donna Felezzola gave the following rundown on the status of school construction projects:

• The turf field is nearly completed, but, during the construction process contaminated soil was found and this has to be removed. The board voted on Thursday to hire Elkon Associates to monitor the site for environmental compliance.

• Secured vestibules in all buildings have been inspected and closed in with the systems expected to be ready for operation by August 26.

• Keyless entry systems in all schools are 90 percent complete and a staff directory has to be provided.

• Security camera upgrades are continuing in the middle and elementary schools. 

• The board did a two-hour test of its new flashing sign at Columbia the night of the meeting, but Reinstein said the sign would not be in full operation until residents were notified.

• The cellphone tower near the high school is expected to be fully operational by December 31. Utilities need to be plugged into the tower and township emergency units will be the first to locate apparatus on the new tower.