CHATHAM, NJ - Longtime Millington resident Sam Bleecker is a scientist turned artist who uses common materials in uncommon ways to explore nature. Starting on March 19, his artwork will be exhibited at Doemestic in Chatham, as the “Featured Artist of the “Month.”

This exhibition includes examples from his earliest figurative paintings to his more recent and more abstract "Quantum Chaos" series, which strives to illustrate the quirky nature of subatomic space using unexpected materials, including fabrics, shredded newspapers and financial documents, as well as paint chip samples, bee's wax, candle wax, and acrylic paint.

“Mr. Bleecker’s work is a beautiful blend of nature and numbers with an abstract tilt that makes it truly unique and inspiring,” said Meredith McGuire, owner of Doemestic.

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Trained as a physicist at the University of Maryland and as a molecular biophysicist at Yale University, Mr. Bleecker seeks artistic ways to convey his passion for nature’s beauty through conceptual artwork that explores the fundamental properties of space, as well as the aesthetic properties of numbers with both paintings and 3-dimensional constructions. For him, science and art are a natural pairing.

His abstract works have been exhibited at local galleries and, recently, in the Compton Gallery in Boonton, New Jersey.  Several of his more recent paintings and constructions are on permanent display at the Longhill Township library in Gillette.

Mr. Bleecker’s collection will be displayed at Doemestic, beginning March 19. The collection will be premiered at an opening event at Doemestic on March 19 from 7 to 9 p.m.

The event is open to the public and Mr. Bleecker will be speaking to attendees about his motivation for these pieces.

Doemestic is located at 76 Main Street in Chatham. For more information or to RSVP, contact Meredith McGuire at (973) 701-1490.  For more information on Sam Bleecker and his work, visit