The spilled his blood. They took a son away from his parents. They took a sibling away from their brother.

SOUTH RIVER, NJ -- Senator Cory Booker eulogized U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick today and called him "the very definition of a hero" and said that he was proud to say the officer "was a Jersey guy through and through" on the floor of the U.S. Senate, part of the building that the officer died trying to protect. 

“When a violent mob attacked this Capitol, Officer Sicknick stood for America and all of its inhabitants,” Booker said. “He faced down terrorists, attackers and sacrificed himself his own safety, his own security -- and ultimately his life -- in the name of love of country.”

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Brian David Sicknick was many things. He was a loving son to his parents, Gladys and Charles Sicknick, a loving brother to Ken and Craig Sicknick, and a loving partner of 11 years to Sandra Garza... He was someone who loved his job and understood that every day you put on that uniform, when you come to the capitol of the greatest power on the planet, the United States of America that wearing the uniform, wearing that badge that you had a sacred duty to protect this sacred space. -- Senator Cory Booker

Sicknick, a South River native, died from injuries he sustained on Jan. 6 while trying to protect the Capitol Building from an angry pro-Trump mob that broke into the home of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. 

"He lived a life committed to the greatest calling you can have, which is to serve others, to protect others and to serve the nation and its citizens. He loved his country, and New Jersey, too," Booker said. "If you talked to those who knew him, they knew he was a many of honor, decency and kindness."

The senator said that Officer SIcknick loved his job and loved serving his nation.

Officer Sicknick was steadfast, he was courageous, he stood in the breach to protect the lives of the members of this body. He faced down terrorist attackers and sacrificed his own safety, his security and ultimately of himself. He deserves to be remembered for the richness of his life. 

Booker said that it is a grievous tragedy and a crime that he is no longer with us today.

"This great man was murdered. This crime demands the full attention of federal law enforcement officials, and anyone who still harbors doubt about what happened here on Jan. 6 should think of him,” Booker said. "It was hate. It was hate that brought terror to our capitol and the death of one of our sons... This is a senseless tragedy."

“We must honor Officer Sicknick’s heroism and sacrifice not just with words, but what we do here in the coming days, what we do as a nation, how we all take responsibility in the aftermath of a horrific moment,” Booker said. "Officer Sicknick died for this country. He did not die in vain."

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