Catastrophic events can mold a person’s life in ways in which one does not expect.

Terry O’Connor Redwine lost many dear friends and co-workers on Sept.11, Flights 93 and 175. After recovering from the shock of the terrorist attack and its effect on her own life, she volunteered to assist grieving relatives of those who had lost their lives during the attack.

The experience convinced Redwine that she had to do more to support her fellow citizens.  Currently, Terry serves as the Chairperson of Professional Standards and Employee Assistance Person (EAP) for the Association of Flight Attendants and Communication Workers of America at United Airlines.

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However, she realized that this was not enough, and she knew that she had to help her fellow New Jerseyans through public policy initiatives in order to make a difference. As a result, Redwine decided to run for Morris County Clerk and won the nomination of the Democratic Party to do so.

The September 11th event changed her life, but did not change the person. Redwine  is determined to modernize, streamline, and make the process more-efficient and more user friendly for vulnerable citizens in need, including senior citizens.

The job of Clerk, who works for residents of Morris County, includes filing, recording births, mortgages and land deeds, performs weddings, issues passports, serves as a notary, prepares the election ballot and oversees the voting process.

Redwine feels that she is qualified to serve as the County Clerk with the help of her administrative experience in the airline industry, where she served for many years as a safety coordinator, team leader, (purser) and liaison between the passengers and the airlines.

Terry O’Connor Redwine is a Democrat running for office in a “Red” County”. However, her candidacy is not about party affiliation, but about her determination to be an effective contributor to society. She is foremost a member of the society where she hopes to serve. The catastrophic events of Sept. 11, 2001 have convinced Redwine that winning or losing are less important than a commitment to her neighbors.

Win or lose, she is grateful to be given an opportunity to be part of the greater society.