Jenny’s Hope Rescue was founded in honor of Jenny, an adopted adult puppy mill rescue dog. As a puppy mill pup, bred over and over again, her health was precarious.  Her owners knew Jenny was very sick, but there was a great chance of survival and a very happy life filled with the love she never knew. With some care, dollars spent, and lots of love, Jenny lived a healthy, wonderful life.

The founders of Jenny’s Hope Rescue hope to provide other dogs with the care and love that Jenny received. Through their work they hope to pair amazing dogs with loving, supportive families, and assist in helping them pay for covering costs to maintain these dog’s health. In honor of Jenny, the hope to continue spreading the love.

Today, we highlight the work that Jenny’s Hope Rescue has done to provide love and support to dogs in need. You can join our shopfunding campaign, and every purchase you make will result in a donation made back to Jenny’s Hope. Here are some of the deals you can find:

Sign Up for E-News 10% off and 5% will go back to match dogs to families. Free Shipping and 2.5% will go back to honor Jenny’s legacy.

Petco: 20% off dog food, and 4% will be donated to support Jenny’s Hope Rescue.

Soma: Extra 50% off and 2.5% will go back to support animal rescue.