Humans were designed to do some really awesome things. We can run, lift heavy things, and complete complicated tasks using our fine motor skills.

Something that we were NOT designed for is SITTING.

Our bodies are not built for sitting for hours and hours on end. Not only does it just not feel good to sit in one position for a long time but also it’s straight up not good for your health!

Worse than smoking?

A few studies have found that for each hour that you spend sitting after age 25 reduces your life expectancy by 21.8 minutes!

By the numbers, sitting is more dangerous than smoking (which only lowers life expectancy by 11minutes per cigarette!!)

What’s more is that although you may spend an hour or more working out each day, your hard work does not counter act the damage done by hours of sitting.

I’m not suggesting that you replace your sitting habit with a smoking habit. Nor should you give up on your workouts all together.

I’m saying that you need to find a way to get up!

Get up off that butt!

I know what you’re thinking! “I have to sit! I have a job that requires me to spend lots of time at a computer, this is how I make money and survive!”

You may go from car in the morning, right to a desk, then back to the car, maybe to a dinner chair, back to the car to transport kids and then maybe to the couch to squeeze in a few hours of relaxation before bed. OUCH!

Not to worry! You CAN change this by finding ways to get up more often through out your day. Knowing gives you the power to take action! Here’s you action step:

  • Be mindful of how much time you spend sitting each day.
  • Add up those minutes you spend sitting.
  • Reduce that number by 15 min.
  • Then reduce by 30min , so on and so forth.

You can do that! Take a walk on your lunch break, or get up and do a minute of squats, take the stairs , get up and stretch! Search for ways to change positions throughout your day. Do what you have to do to get off that butt!